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12 Days of Fitmas

Fitness * Nutrition * Mindset

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1st - 12th December
12 Days dedicated to your Fitness, Health and Wellness

Be part of a community that gets moving, shares amongst each other and enjoys fitness in a social, relaxed and laid-back way……there will also be access to:


*Fitness, nutrition and mindset delivered to your phone through the Hutton Health app
*4 Live online workouts each week 
*A live nutrition masterclass 'Staying on Track for Christmas'
*A live mindfulness wind down session
*Cardio, stretching and strength sessions delivered to your phone


It is easy to find excuses why we SHOULDN’T start a health and fitness programme in December:


*There is too much to do, I won’t have time

*I may as well wait to start in January

*Christmas is a write-off anyway

*I’m too unfit to do it


Make this year DIFFERENT!


Head into the Christmas period feeling MORE CONFIDENT in your BODY and MIND.


Take small actions now to set yourself up for a GREAT 2022.

In this webinar we will cover

It is easy to put off your health and fitness goals to start next week, next month, next year…..but there are an abundance of reasons for starting your journey right now.

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What do I get with the 12 Days of Fitmas?

Structured Training Program

A training plan that incorporates cardio, strength and stretching session. Your workouts can be done at home, outside, or in a gym. You can literally complete the sessions anytime, anywhere in the world.


Online Workouts


The 12 Days of Fitmas includes the following online workouts:

Monday 8:00pm (full body, no equipment needed)

Wednesday 7:00am (flowing stretch)

Thursday 9:00am (upper body)

Friday 7:00am (lower body)

The workouts are live on zoom as well as recorded in a private Facebook group so they can  be accessed anytime, anywhere.

You choose whether you have the camera on or off. Join a community of people to help provide encourage, support and accountabililty.

Live Nutrition Masterclass

BANT registered Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath Alice Yeates will be presenting on 'Your Christmas Sugar Habits' to help keep you on track through the holiday period.

Tuesday, 7th December at 8:00pm

Live Relaxation Session

Hypnotherapist Rachel Chapman will be doing a live Wind Down Relaxation session!

Thursday, 2nd December at 8:00pm


Unlimited Support


You have unlimited support from me via messages. Picture me as your accountability partner, your cheerleader and your coach. You can message me at any time to ask questions, voice concerns, or just tell me how you’re doing.


Video Support

If you have any issues with technique, send me a video or do a video chat with me and I can check your form, provide feedback or make changes.


Hutton Health App


To help maximize results and see your progress, the Hutton Health app contains tracking tools for nutrition, exercise, body stats, and more. You will get easy to read charts as you complete your workouts, put in your body stats and complete your tasks. This allows you to see how you are doing over time.


Daily Report


I get daily reports from the app so I can see your progress, read your comments on workouts and be with you for every step of your journey.