4 Simple Ways to Fast Track your Fitness

Updated: Mar 23

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4 Simple Ways to Fast Track your Fitness

Spring is in the air! The days are growing longer, and you can enjoy the sun's heat on your back while sitting in the sun. The arrival of spring also means digging out your summer wardrobe. If the thought of wearing shorts and sleeveless tops seems daunting (especially after a year of intermittent lockdown restrictions), then now is the time to take action to fast track your fitness.

Here are 4 simple tips to enhance your fitness to feel more confident and comfortable in time for summer:

1. Commit to a Program

When starting an exercise program, many people will eagerly add extreme exercises and restrictive diets to their plans. This kick starts a cycle that is not sustainable and results in people going back to old habits. It is essential to commit to a realistic program that takes in to account your current starting point and encourages lifestyle changes that can be feasibly maintained over time.

It can be difficult to know where to begin and how to create an effective health, fitness and wellness journey. Investing in a program, such as Hutton Health’s monthly membership program, can give you a structured plan to follow. This sets you up for a more successful transition to increasing your movement, transforming your mindset and making positive changes to your current nutrition.

2. Be Accountable

After committing to a realistic fitness plan, it is important to keep yourself accountable to following through with it. Life gets hectic; you have so many things to accomplish and fitting in an exercise session seems like the last priority. With the pressures of daily life, we can find quickly find ourselves at the bottom of the priority list. Finding the motivation to commit to yourself to start a program is the first hurdle. Maintaining your motivation long term can be an even bigger challenge.

Hutton Health’s monthly membership program provides the accountability of a coach to encourage you and help keep you motivated on your journey. Do you feel like you need more motivation and encouragement? A personalised program with the option of personal training can give you the step up to ensure you follow through with your program. The value of a coach and external cheerleader can be the difference between trying a program for a few days, a few weeks, a few months, or a few years.

3. Test Your Limits

Getting results means challenging yourself out of your current comfort zone. By incorporating any extra movement into your day, you will see positive impacts on your health and wellbeing, but to see the best results and changes in your body, you must challenge yourself. A coach can demonstrate to you how do this safely and effectively to avoid injury as well as to encourage long-term transformations in your fitness, habits and lifestyle.

4. Fuel Your Body Well

As well as incorporating safe and effective movement into your schedule, it is important to look at how you are fuelling your body. Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand to making changes to your body. To get the results that you want, committing to healthy nutrition is essential. Healthy nutrition does not mean heavily restricting your daily consumption of calories or completely cutting out unhealthy foods. Fuelling your body well involves making conscious decisions about what you feed your body. Focus on consuming raw ingredients, cooking and baking from scratch whenever possible.

Water is also essential to the health of your body and mind. Among the benefits, water helps deliver Oxygen through your body, boosts skin health and beauty, lubricates the joints, and is important in the function of the digestive system.

Take Action

Commit to your health, fitness and wellbeing now! Hutton Health delivers fitness, nutrition and mindset activities, tips and activities through the Hutton Health app directly to your phone. The exercises can be accessed anytime, anywhere, making it easy to fit in to your hectic schedule. For more information, contact Janice at janice@huttonhealth.co.uk or to sign up for the membership, click here!

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