The First Step to Health and Wellness

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

As a personal trainer and health coach I am often asked which is more important, fitness or nutrition. People are often interested in how and where to start the journey to becoming healthier, feeling stronger and potentially losing unwanted weight. In my opinion, neither fitness nor nutrition is the key to accelerating success. The foundation for any progress is BELIEVING that you can make the change. After shifting your mindset, then nutrition and fitness both play their part.

We all have excuses as to why we can’t do something – such as injury, age, a lack of time or a lack of equipment. It is also easy to procrastinate and believe that we will start tomorrow, or next Monday; but that day never comes. If we allow ourselves to believe in our excuses and accept that we cannot change, then neither education or suggestions about fitness or nutrition will make a difference.

Start with believing that it is POSSIBLE to make the change! Believe that you are WORTH the investment of time, energy and effort. Believe that you are STRONGER than your excuses! Seeing the possibility is the place to start your journey to health and wellness.

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