2021...Is It Too Late To Improve Your Fitness, Health and Wellness?

We are fast approaching November…..you’ve already made it 10 months into 2021! With the Lockdowns of 2020, many of us went into the new year thinking we would have the best year ever; we were determined to come out of what was an incredibly challenging year to make huge progress in our personal and professional lives in 2021.

New Years Resolutions were made, goals were set, and many people started the year determined to lose the lockdown weight that had found them in 2020.

Now is the time to check in.

How are you feeling in your mind? How are you feeling in your body?

I believe there are 2 main ways of thinking –

1. There are only 2 months left, I might as well wait for 2022 to make a change.

If you choose to think this way, you will continue doing what you have always done rather than taking action to make positive changes. If you are feeling stuck with your body and mind in a rut, this will only perpetuate those feelings.

2. There is no better time than NOW. I have 2 months to take action and create a change.

If you believe in taking action now, you have 2 months, 61 days to change your future. A lot of progress can be made in this time! Start taking small steps – a short walk, a little run…..any purposeful movement that gets you moving during your day.

Here are some ways for you to take action NOW to finish 2021 feeling strong, healthy and with an improved fitness level:

1. Don’t worry about the details.

Lacking a detailed plan can be an obstacle to taking action. Any purposeful movement has a positive impact on our minds and bodies. Rather than worrying about the RIGHT plan, commit to doing ANY type of movement to get started.

Like a plan? Hutton Health offers monthly memberships as well as personalised plans to give you a structured plan to encourage action.

2. Action always produces some kind of result, while inaction rarely does.

People often choose not to act for a variety of reasons, including fear, procrastination, and sheer laziness. Choosing not to take action is also a choice. Even though it's easier, it's rarely the right choice. In almost all cases, it’s better to do something rather than nothing.

Focus on simple actions – a short daily walk, a simple stretching session, taking the stairs rather than the lift, parking further away from the shop.

3. Taking action now makes it easier to take action in the future.

Action fuels motivation. Each small step and achievement creates momentum and encourages you to continue taking action. If you start moving your body now, you will overcome the hardest hurdle, taking the first step.

Success and change are ongoing processes; a single action or attempt will never result in lasting change. Over time, new actions that initially demand a lot of effort eventually become habitual patterns of behaviour. The hardest part is actually taking the first step toward change. A habit is formed by repetition, but if you never begin, then it never becomes a habit.

Be your own biggest cheerleader, don’t put yourself on the back burner and think you will make those changes, tomorrow, next week, next year……don’t you think that YOU deserve to take care of YOU?

If you start to take action NOW, you will start 2022 with the hard work done!

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