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 Online Fitness, Health and Wellness Coaching

Lacking energy?

Low confidence?

Not comfortable in your own skin?

Short on time?

Struggling to make your health and wellness a priority? 

Want to feel confident in your body and mind?

Imagine feeling confident in your MIND and BODY, more COMFORTABLE in your clothes, finding HOPE, having more ENERGY and feeling more PRODUCTIVE. 

Why work with Janice as an online fitness, health and wellness coach?

I simplify health and fitness for busy people and help to strengthen their bodies and minds through flexible online coaching that they can fit in to their hectic schedules

-Committed to a strong connection with clients to help achieve the best results and build accountability 

-Nutrition, Mindset and Fitness education integrated to help clients reach their potential and also encourage lifelong lifestyle changes


What We Do


Tailored to your company needs 


6 WEEK PROGRAM focusing on YOU.

Focused on YOUR goals. I am here to help YOU.



Structured program and the accountability of a dedicated coach to help you achieve your goals


Need added accountability and support for your workouts?
Prefer your own cheerleader, program and instruction?

I specialize in helping my clients...

Individual fitness programs to suit each client

Nutrition tips and suggestions to help fuel your body

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Set Health Goals

Encourage a positive mindset and an attitude of gratitude

My Mission

I am dedicated and passionate about empowering people to be the BEST version of themselves. I am dedicated to INSPIRING action, EDUCATING, MOTIVATING and CHEERING each person to elevate their health, fitness and happiness.

  • To increase your fitness level

  • To help you build confidence

  • To coach you through making positive lifestyle choices

  • To help you to be healthier and happier in your body

  • To provide a supportive and comfortable atmosphere

  • To help you become more resilient

  • To help you be the best version of YOU


Meet Janice

I am Canadian and currently reside in Kent, England where I can often be found on the trails running or biking, in the water swimming or paddling or in the mountains exploring new peaks. Health, fitness, teaching, coaching and competitive sports have been a huge part of my life since a young age.


I have had the privilege of teaching, living and coaching various sports in Canada, Singapore and England. Highlights for me in my personal sporting endeavors have included competing for my University swim team for 5 years (take me back to Hawaii, Florida and California for training camp any day!), paddling in an International Outrigger race around Hong Kong Island, dragonboating at international festivals in the Philippines, completing the Amsterdam and London Marathons, and competing in a number of half ironman triathlon races. 

I am passionate and committed to helping people make positive lifestyle changes which will help them build confidence, increase their energy levels, improve their fitness and help to shift their mindset to live a happier life. I love to learn and try new training techniques and exercises. I often expand my qualifications and takes courses to help me be able to provide the most effective sessions and programs for my clients. 

The Journey Towards Health Begins By Committing to Yourself. Strive to be the best version of YOU. Begin Your Journey Today.




Janice has helped me with learning to actually enjoy exercising - it’s not always about running as quickly as you can or doing the most amount of reps. Instead, Janice provides a sense of community when getting active... and she is simply brilliant.

Exercise is like an adventure when I’m with Janice, no two days are ever the same and I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Janice will help you to reach your goals in a friendly, approachable and structured way that works for you... and you WILL end up enjoying exercise!


Janice at Hutton Health is an amazing motivator both in physical and mental well being. I am using Hutton Health for PT, yoga and wellbeing session and am thoroughly enjoying everything I am doing!

Janice has a huge wealth of knowledge, which she is constantly adding too. Her bright and bubbly character definitely helps get me through the tougher parts of a workout! I also have a number of medical issues which have been worked around to make my sessions work for me and meant I can still get exactly what I need in a pain free way, much more than I ever have in a gym setting!

I would highly recommend Hutton Health!!


Online coaching has 100% given me more confidence than I think I would ever have found trying to go to a gym or live class, yet I have still connected with new people and am always excited for each live session. Experiencing both the group and individual side of Hutton Health I would shout from the rooftops for anyone thinking about it…to just do it!! Janice is an incredible coach with endless knowledge, you won’t be disappointed.

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