The Time Is NOW!

Are you still waiting to start your fitness, health and wellness journey?

It is easy to find excuses why we SHOULDN’T start a health and fitness programme in December:

*There is too much to do, I won’t have time

*I may as well wait to start in January

*Christmas is a write-off anyway

*I’m too unfit to do it

Make this year DIFFERENT!

Head into the Christmas period feeling MORE CONFIDENT in your BODY and MIND.

Take small actions now to set yourself up for a GREAT 2022.

It is easy to put off your health and fitness goals to start next week, next month, next year…..but there are an abundance of reasons for starting your journey right now.

Investing in YOUR body and YOUR health is the number one thing that you can do for yourself, and guess what……. nobody can do that except for YOU!

Your health and wellbeing are a direct result of the choices you make, so just imagine where you could be in 7 weeks if you chose to invest that time and effort in yourself. Investing in your health goals is so much more rewarding than the short-term highs you get from spending money on quick fixes:

● holidays you can’t enjoy because you are too self-conscious

● takeaways constantly being delivered

● buying the watch, clothes, or car to make you feel better in the moment rather than something that will TRANSFORM your life.

We have 7 weeks left of 2021…….7 weeks where you can make a huge impact to your health and wellbeing before starting the New Year. What goals have you set for yourself for the next 7 weeks? If the answer is none, yet you shy away from the mirror when you walk past, make a conscious decision to buy clothes that will hide a body that makes you feel uncomfortable, then ask yourself the question; Why?

Some further ways we can help ourselves start working on our goals now and stop putting it off are:

- Write it down

Write down your goals, create your vision of what you would like for your health and body, have something to aim for. You don’t need to have exact numbers and ‘sizes’ but just a direction of where you would like to start heading.

- Accountability

Be truthful to yourself, if you aren’t changing it, you are choosing to keep things the way they are.

- Sleep

Sleep is incredibly important. Getting a good routine in the evening will make the world of difference. Put your screens down at least 30 minutes before you go to sleep, find a good book, listen to some music, meditate, listen to a podcast….find something that will help you wind down to a good night’s sleep.

- Nutrition

Make a decision to cut out the things you know that you incorporate into your diet that aren’t good for you. Again, you are accountable for your choices, fuel your body with good, nutritious food.

To help fuel you with motivation, provide the accountability of an experienced coach and the support of like-minded individuals, Hutton Health is offering an exciting ‘12 days of Fitmas’!

Be part of a community that gets moving, shares amongst each other and enjoys fitness in a social, relaxed and laid-back way……there will also be access too:

● Live online workouts

● A nutrition masterclass to help you stay ontrack over the Christmas period

● A relaxation session with a fantastic hypnotherapist

● Much more via the Hutton Health app!

There might even be a prize draw!

To join 12 Days of Fitmas -

By starting your fitness journey now and making your health a part of your daily life, you won’t need to worry about feeling guilty because you had an extra mince pie as you will know that you are already taking care of your body and treats are most definitely allowed in moderation!

What is ONE choice you can make TODAY to get your journey started?

My mission is to empower people to make their mind and body a priority, the only real obstacle to achieving your dreams is you!

Please contact me for more information on how I can help you start your journey today.

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