7 Reasons to Spend More Time Outside

Updated: Mar 5

Today’s highly technological world has made some people feel the urge to simplify and reconnect with nature. Experience the health benefits of outdoor recreation by unplugging and recharging outdoors. Those who enjoy the many benefits of nature see why being outside is so important—it plays a role in both physical and mental health.

There are a lot of ways to reap the benefits of nature. The following are 7 benefits of spending more time outdoors for you and your family.

1. Relieve Stress

Stress can have a detrimental effect on our mental and physical wellbeing. Stress-related conditions are linked to depression, obesity, and high blood pressure. Stress can be dangerous if not managed properly. Taking a break from your busy schedule outside can help you cope with everyday stress and feeling overwhelmed by work or school.

Teens and adults both benefit from spending time in nature. After a period of time spent outdoors, blood levels of the stress hormone cortisol are reduced.

2. Strengthen Immunity

Your immune system suffers when you stay indoors. The immune system works best if regularly challenged, which does not happen when we are confined to the house or office. Airborne chemicals are released by plants when we are outside. This causes our bodies to produce more white blood cells.

Healthy doses of nature can enhance your body's resistance to disease. A natural boost in immunity can help you stay healthy.

3. Sharpen Your Focus

Studies have shown that exposure to natural environments enhances attention in the general population. Having views of nature from your office window and outdoor breaks both help to boost productivity and concentration.

4. Calm the Mind

Exercising outside can be an effective way to manage mental health. Adding time in nature to your mental health care regimen will give you peace and mental clarity.

Being in nature triggers several physiological responses in our bodies. Sitting outside reduces blood pressure, lowers heart rate, and decreases cortisol levels. When we are outside our body slows down, making us feel centred and relaxed.

Our minds work in the same way. Being out in nature calms and improves mood. Our improved concentration in nature can help us fight stress and anxiety, while our self-esteem can rise after time spent outside.

5. Aids in Weight Management

Choose an exercise routine that gets you outside to enjoy the beautiful views and fresh air. For every half hour of walking around the park, you can burn 149 calories, and for every half hour of biking you can burn 372 calories. Increase your time outside walking, biking, running, and playing in order to reduce your risk of obesity. Enjoy all of the health benefits nature has to offer outside of the gym.

6. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for bone health, helps prevent depression, and may even protect you from some cancers. Since vitamin D is derived from sunlight, spending time outside is a great way to get your daily dose.

7. Increase Longevity

In 2015, researchers followed the health of 108,630 American women to discover the correlation between nature and longevity. Women who lived close to green spaces, such as parks and gardens, had a longer life expectancy. Neither urban nor rural settings appeared to have a significant impact on the results.

Nature experiences are accessible to everyone and are low cost. For your next long weekend, opt for a trip to the country over the city. You will experience less stress and return feeling happier and more relaxed.

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